500 hits party!

Well I decided to use Club Penguin as the party host. In honor of 500 hits I will be hosting a CP party on March 28 at 9:00 am to 9:45 am Eastern Standard Time (EST). It will on the server Permafrost at the Ice-Burg, but could change to Dock, depending ont he traffic. Please try to be there. 😀 My penguin name is Flatfoot18, here is a picture of him:

Aren't I spiffy? 😀 Creative outfit, I know.

Me without my hat, what I'll be like at the party... Yes I added this picture...

 Please be there, it would mean a lot to me. Also I will be taking random pictures throughout the party to post here. Comment here if you will be able to come. If you don’t comment, and you arrive at the party shout: Pizza, so I know that you came for the party. Thanks -Flashmeteor

P.S. Check out this cool blog I am now an author on:



Join up! And Mr. Bones…

justinrocket got their Neopet at http://www.neopets.com

Click this image of my Neopet, and then sign up for www.neopets.com today. It helps me in the new referral program. I get prizes for every person that signs up. Now don’t feel like you are only helping me. If you sigh up using the image above and comment, I will be sure to donate to you within the game to help you get started. Currently that is the only prize I can offer. Anyways you can set up your own referrals once you get into the game to earn yourself some prizes.

Anyways, see this ADORABLE guy? He is my favorite neighbor of a game called Animal Crossing: Wild World, for DS. Anyways, it’s a game I encourage you to buy because it is WAY worth it. I’ll be adding a page for the game after the 500 hits party. -Flash M.