500 hits party!

Well I decided to use Club Penguin as the party host. In honor of 500 hits I will be hosting a CP party on March 28 at 9:00 am to 9:45 am Eastern Standard Time (EST). It will on the server Permafrost at the Ice-Burg, but could change to Dock, depending ont he traffic. Please try to be there. ๐Ÿ˜€ My penguin name is Flatfoot18, here is a picture of him:

Aren't I spiffy? ๐Ÿ˜€ Creative outfit, I know.

Me without my hat, what I'll be like at the party... Yes I added this picture...

ย Please be there, it would mean a lot to me. Also I will be taking random pictures throughout the party to post here. Comment here if you will be able to come. If you don’t comment, and you arrive at the party shout: Pizza, so I know that you came for the party. Thanks -Flashmeteor

P.S. Check out this cool blog I am now an author on:



Join up! And Mr. Bones…

justinrocket got their Neopet at http://www.neopets.com

Click this image of my Neopet, and then sign up for www.neopets.comย today. It helps me in the new referral program. I get prizes for every person that signs up. Now don’t feel like you are only helping me. If you sigh up using the image above and comment, I will be sure to donate to you within the game to help you get started. Currently that is the only prize I can offer. Anyways you can set up your own referrals once you get into the game to earn yourself some prizes.

Anyways, see this ADORABLE guy? He is my favorite neighbor of a game called Animal Crossing: Wild World, for DS. Anyways, it’s a game I encourage you to buy because it is WAY worth it. I’ll be adding a page for the game after the 500 hits party. -Flash M.

Hello, from Ecobuddies.

As we get closer to 500 hits, I will host a part on a new website I found called Ecobuddies. It is exactly like Club Penguin only not as crowded, and slightly more fun. And the best part, not owned by Disney. ๐Ÿ˜€ So, when we get 500 hits I will post the date and time of the party in EST(Eastern Standard Time). The website URL is www.ecobuddies.com Here is a picture from in the game:

Yay, aren’t I cute? Those clothes took a lot of work playing games. ๐Ÿ˜‰

This Blog has gone Neopets!

EDIT: This blog is now not all Neopets, it is back to the original theme, everything. As you can see the header is back as well.

This blog is now all Neopets. Everything Neopian. From stocks to food. We got it here! My account can be found here: http://www.neopets.com/userlookup.phtml?user=justinrocket

And my favorite pet is my Baby Kougra:


This means new pages, posts, contests and more! -Flash M.

DB TV Episode 2

DB TV Episode 2!

Hello and welcome. Now we will quickly move to our segment with serveral people:
GS Segment:

flashmeteordb (05:53:07 PM): GET OVER HERE
flashmeteordb (05:53:11 PM): HATE U NOW!
flashmeteordb (05:53:14 PM): GRRRR
greenseal (05:53:16 PM): O_o
flashmeteordb (05:53:20 PM): MAKE ME!
greenseal (05:53:21 PM): I’ll unabn you GAWD..
flashmeteordb (05:53:24 PM): HAW!!!!
flashmeteordb (05:53:41 PM): IGAC!
flashmeteordb (05:53:46 PM): TAKE THAT NOOB
greenseal (05:53:48 PM): wtf?
greenseal (05:53:53 PM): Um ok then O_o
flashmeteordb (05:53:55 PM): EXACTLY
flashmeteordb (05:53:58 PM): HAW!
greenseal (05:54:03 PM): *hides*
flashmeteordb (05:54:09 PM): U BETTER HIDE!
flashmeteordb (05:54:12 PM): MORON!
greenseal (05:54:20 PM): 0_o
flashmeteordb (05:54:42 PM): IDIOT!
greenseal (05:54:45 PM): Uhh… ok then ๐Ÿ˜€
flashmeteordb (05:54:47 PM): GOT EAT A BANANA!
greenseal (05:54:51 PM): O_o
greenseal (05:55:09 PM): Cheese looks down at you
greenseal (05:55:26 PM): OH PWN
flashmeteordb (05:56:14 PM): O RLY?
greenseal (05:56:18 PM): YA RLY

HS Segment:

flashmeteordb (05:535 PM): BEAT MY BOOT
anon1 (05:53:43 PM): NO!
anon1 (05:53:56 PM): NEVA!
anon1 (05:54:00 PM): RAWR!
anon1 (05:558 PM): OH hai! And didja know dees ees HS? XD
anon1 (05:55:55 PM): ๐Ÿ˜€
anon1 (05:56:21 PM): Blaah xD
flashmeteordb (05:56:22 PM): U CAN EAT MY SOCK!
anon1 (05:56:26 PM):
anon1 (05:563 PM): No thanks..
anon1 (05:56:51 PM): Socks are for Bill to eat ๐Ÿ˜€
anon1 (05:573 PM): SPAM TIME! XD
anon1 (05:574 PM): BLAH
anon1 (05:576 PM): BLAH BLAH!
anon1 (05:579 PM): BLAH BLAH BLAH!
anon1 (05:57:40 PM): XD
05:57:42 PM anon1 has logged out

Dangerous Penguin Segment:

flashmeteordb (05:50:03 PM): HAI
dangerouspenguin4182 (05:50:47 PM): what the heck???!?!!?
flashmeteordb (05:50:52 PM): MAKE ME!
flashmeteordb (05:50:56 PM): FOOL!
flashmeteordb (05:51:23 PM): OOHHH WAT NOW?

SG Segment:

flashmeteordb (05:481 PM): I HATE U NOOB
flashmeteordb (05:487 PM): GET A LIFE
flashmeteordb (05:489 PM): NOW!
anon5626 (05:48:47 PM): …
anon5626 (05:48:53 PM): this is SG FOOL!
flashmeteordb (05:48:56 PM): Oh…
flashmeteordb (05:48:58 PM): XD
anon5626 (05:49:15 PM): wow..
anon5626 (05:49:19 PM): *facepalm*
flashmeteordb (05:49:26 PM): GO DIE IN A HOLE!
flashmeteordb (05:49:27 PM): NOW!
anon5626 (05:490 PM): ok
anon5626 (05:493 PM): *dies in a hole*
flashmeteordb (05:496 PM): Wait still on your chat..
flashmeteordb (05:498 PM): XD
flashmeteordb (05:51:15 PM): I am badmouthing DP XD
anon5626 (05:52:53 PM): …

Wasn’t that wonderful?

And now for my visit with PT:

flashmeteordb (06:02:06 PM): Your on DB TV!
flashmeteordb (06:02:12 PM): What do you have to say?
flashmeteordb (06:023 PM): HELLO?
flashmeteordb (06:027 PM): ANSWER ME!
popularthunder (06:02:43 PM): Where did you film meh? 0_0
flashmeteordb (06:03:17 PM): I’m filming your text.
popularthunder (06:03:22 PM): Another thing.
popularthunder (06:03:27 PM): DB, WTF? 0_0
flashmeteordb (06:037 PM): Can I hug you?
popularthunder (06:03:41 PM): Ah..
popularthunder (06:03:45 PM): No. -_-
flashmeteordb (06:04:02 PM): M’kay.
popularthunder (06:04:03 PM): WTF is this?
flashmeteordb (06:04:10 PM): It’s DB TV 2!
flashmeteordb (06:04:12 PM): ๐Ÿ˜€
popularthunder (06:04:42 PM): Okay,
flashmeteordb (06:04:43 PM): Sir
flashmeteordb (06:04:48 PM): Can I ask you something?
popularthunder (06:04:56 PM): I can’t even compare this to sparta…
flashmeteordb (06:05:05 PM): Sparta is my grandma sir..
popularthunder (06:05:14 PM): -_-
flashmeteordb (06:05:40 PM): Now, tell me, would you rather have Coderkid or Sephy as a son?
popularthunder (06:05:47 PM): WHA?
flashmeteordb (06:05:53 PM): Just answer..
popularthunder (06:05:57 PM): Who would you?!
popularthunder (06:06:00 PM): 0_o
flashmeteordb (06:06:02 PM): Sephy ๐Ÿ˜€
popularthunder (06:06:19 PM): I’m not much of a Seph fan, at all..
flashmeteordb (06:06:23 PM): ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
flashmeteordb (06:06:29 PM): This is so going on my TV!
popularthunder (06:063 PM): 0_0
flashmeteordb (06:06:51 PM): i’l cut that part out ;D
popularthunder (06:06:59 PM): ….
flashmeteordb (06:07:02 PM): M’kay thanks ๐Ÿ˜€
flashmeteordb (06:07:04 PM): Bye
popularthunder (06:07:09 PM): Keep it Raw if you want..
flashmeteordb (06:07:13 PM): REALLY?
popularthunder (06:07:17 PM): Yeah..
flashmeteordb (06:07:20 PM): Will you delete it or something?
flashmeteordb (06:07:22 PM): -.-
popularthunder (06:07:27 PM): Not, rly..
flashmeteordb (06:071 PM): Edit?
popularthunder (06:078 PM): I can’t sit here and lie..
flashmeteordb (06:07:49 PM): …
popularthunder (06:07:52 PM): As long as you don’t change up the words..
flashmeteordb (06:08:01 PM): So your going to let me post this on the forums?
flashmeteordb (06:08:08 PM): Along with my other interviews?
popularthunder (06:08:12 PM): -_-
flashmeteordb (06:08:22 PM): Are you?
popularthunder (06:080 PM): Okay..
flashmeteordb (06:085 PM): M’kay cya!
flashmeteordb (06:086 PM): ๐Ÿ˜€
popularthunder (06:089 PM): Bye.

Wasn’t that AWESOME? I GOT ALL THE GOSSIP! ๐Ÿ˜€ This is all real by the way, none of this is scripted.
Muffin: At least it wasn’t my turn…
Heh.. ๐Ÿ˜€
Well that’s all for DB TV 2 “Interview Day” P.S. The times are messed up because : 3 turns into

Flash M. Club Penguin TV! :D

http://tinypic.com/r/2uepvd0/6ย  Click the magical link to be amazed at my CP wonderfulness…

In the future in these vids look for:

  • Game Walkthroughs
  • “Mess with the ninjas ”
  • The meeting of famous CP people and bloggers
  • “jokes and funniness”
  • “Penguin Style”
  • Coin Codes
  • Music Vids
  • And much, much more!

Thanks ๐Ÿ˜€ย  -Flash M.


Grooveshark, Xat, and DB TV Episode 1 :D

A very good website for listening to music is www.grooveshark.com. You can make an account and then make playlists, add to an unlimited library and search for just about any song. It’s very useful when your bored. And please feel free to come to the Xat under the chat page.ย  Another great Xat can be found at www.xat.com/poptropica_help .

And now for(if you haven’t seen it already):

DB TV! Episode 1. ๐Ÿ˜€

DB: Hello and welcome to the first ever episode of DB TV!
Here is our first clip:

Muffin: Hmmm…. I sense something
Ol’ Paul: WHAT!?
Muffin: Nothing..
Ol’ Paul WHAT!?
Muffin: You have problems..
Muffin: What.. I never said…
Ol’ Paul: You be minding your own business lad!
Muffin: I’m done with this..
Ol’ Paul: My back hurts to much to sharpen your mechanical pencil.
Muffin: What the HECK!?
Ol’ Paul: What’s that? You want to hear about my romantic life?
Muffin: Oh GOD NO!
Ol’ Paul: Very much so? Well, okay. You see, I saw this lady at Wal-Mart. She was a lot younger than me, like 84. I loved the way her hair stood strait up againts the wind..
Muffin: It’s suposed to be flow in the wind n-
Ol’ Paul: EXCUSE ME! Ahem, as I was saying, she has the most beautiful denchers, the way the saliva driped down each tooth..
Muffin: Sir, shouldn’t you be in a retirement home? Or a GRAVE!?
Ol’ Paul: I know her lips were PURPLE!
Muffin: Eh?
Ol’ Paul:And I asked her out and guess what?!
Muffin: Ugh..what?
Ol’ Paul: GEEZ YOUR SO EAGER CALM DOWN SUNNY! Well she said I could have her next year when her husbund died.
Muffin: That’s great..
Ol’ Paul: Then I remembered she was my wife…

DB:Ha, ha! Well wasn’t that a funny bit?
*Muffin comes on stage*
Muffin: I am going to KILL YOU!
DB: Yeaaahhhh…about that. You see this is why you shouldn’t kill me:
Because of the theroy of Retorical Resistence Point B to Y, the first symmetrical point of a hetragon will always have a 4.69065 mass equivelent to the area of a gonteltron, a triangle like shap. Wait..what are you gonna do with that? P-p-p-put that down Muffin… Now, now. Don’t be violent.
Muffin: I always knew the Chinese Water Torture Set I got for Christmas would be useful.
DB: Well that’s all for today. See you next time..I think..if I am still 30% sane…
Muffin: Ha! Give yourself some credit. Your ownly 20% sane right now.. You only need 5% to run this show. This Network is desperate..
DB: You shouldn’t have said that…
*DB TV crews jump in from the windows*
DB TV Crew Police Officer: Take him away while I blow air into his ears with this rubber ducky!
DB TV Crew Police Officer 2: Awww, but I wanted to do that!
DB TV Crew Police Officer: Too bad!
*DB TV Crew Police Officer pulls out rubber ducky and the two officers begin to blow air into each other’s ears with a rubber ducky*
DB: Let’s just leave..
Muffin: Yeah, you up for some McDonalds?
DB: If your buying.