Meez 3D avatar avatars is a a very entertaining website. With games, chatting and avatars. You can upload your Meez onto things like Photobucket or even your Myspace if you have one.  You can also upload it here, at WordPress. The picture above is my Meez that I earned coinz by earning awards in games and then buying exclusive gear. for my profile. Just thought it was pretty cool. 😀 -Flash M.


Action Replay DS

Another thing I got for Christmas was Action replay DS. And it is quite entertaining. You can do stuff like go super fast, have umlimited cash and much more with added codes. So I recomend you try it out.  If you guys have any recomended games or codes it would be nice. One of my favorite games is Animal Crossing: Wild World. Oh yeah and 200 hits! Yeah! The next mile stone is 1,000. -Flash M.

Club Penguin Contest

The winner of this contest will recieve one of my AWESOME Club Penguin  side accounts that I don’t use anymore. They have items like the snowflake shirt and lifeguard whistle. All you have to do is be the first person to post what the following picture is:  

This picture is not limited to the Christmas Party and can be found at anytime. Have fun looking! -Flash M.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Club Penguin

Today I recieved many Club Penguin toys for Christmas! So this blog now has Club Penguin posts. 😀 Once we get more hits a Club Penguin party shall be held. is the URL. Try it if you haven’t it is really fun! I’m not a member but I got good item’s from toy codes. Here is a pic of my penguin:  Waddle on! -Flash M.

Flashmeteor Pets Beta 0.1 It’s here! Click and sign up today to adopt pets. There are only 3 now but there is more coming soon! The blogs *FIRST* real game. Comment if you have any ideas for a pet. -Flash M.

A book I am reading..

This is a book I have been reading for school. I am almost done and I am enjoying it. It is very unique! You can find a real here:

Yes the blog now features books! So if you have any feel free to comment.

Im other news the widgets will be getting updated in a month or two with a blog roll and such. I will also start placing this blog into blog advertising places to get more readers. Once I update fully I can even place it under gaming blogs. Hehehe, I gave you a hint about the updates. :mrgreen: -Flash M. P.S. Christmas is getting closer!

Sorry For Lack of Posts…

I was playing a few online games and didn’t feel like posting. I know how lazy.. Anyways we will be adding some to new features and content to the blog in a while to spice it up. So be on the look out. As far as programs don’t expect much for a while.  Also if you could advertise my blog or tell some friends. Some more hits are always welcome. 😀 -Flash M.

P.S. Awwww….